With an innovative and targeted approach to the market, we guide Wine producers in presenting successful products to the consumers. Urban Wines came to life to satisfy consumer demand by moving focus from production to end consumption.

Simply put, we want to provide wines that people want to drink. Prioritizing the consumer as the centre of everything we do, we offer the market the right product for the best price, this is our raison d’être.

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Do you have what tomorrow’s consumer is looking for?

If you are producing quality wine and still don’t make it in the Swedish market your approach is probably not updated with the market requirements and consumer demand. In an ever-changing market, consumer behaviour and marketing principals are changing every day. It is our responsibility to be up-to-date with the latest trends and technology to promote the products we represent in the best and most efficient way possible.

We strongly believe that what you did yesterday will simply not be sufficient for tomorrow. By satisfying the consumer’s needs and wants we help our partners deliver future top sellers. If you have the product, but not the know-how, we can make your products tomorrow’s success.