To be a successful partner with our producers, we need to be as competitive as possible. We take on the challenge to be the most professional player in our field of operations. To us, true professionalism goes far beyond growth, earnings, and other corporate terms. Besides delivering a best in class business solution, making brands and products successful in our market, we value a transparent and honest dialogue with our partners.

We consider a healthy and long-term business based on mutual trust and common understanding the only way forward. It is important to us that our partners know what they can expect from us in terms of value creation. We hold ourselves to high standards and want you as a partner to also have the same expectation of us. A good business is one where there is transparency, honesty, and a mutual interest to exceed the expectations of the consumer.

We are focused on being a leader in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility in our business area. Our aim is to work with partners that actively engage in our sustainability efforts and take pride in being involved with a company that is focused on creating a better planet and environment for the people.

Our conviction is that a business which is not taking sustainability and environmental matters seriously will not meet the requirements of tomorrow’s consumer and customers. We strive to work with products less impacted with pesticides, carbon neutral transportation and environmentally friendly materials.

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